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Reading enthusiasm is a challenge faced by most kids during summer as school is out and they would rather indulge in fun and relaxation. However, many scientific articles attest that children who continue learning and reading during the summer absorb and retain information faster and do better in class.

Continuing our nature theme, tap the children’s imagination by making storyboards.

Divide children into groups. Each team can think of a well known story such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Make four similar sized frames out of sticks and then each team tell their story in a series of pictures using loose natural materials.

Extend the experience with the following free activities...

Woodland Magic Carpet

Imagine flying off to some faraway land on your own magic carpet! Design magic carpets in a field of grass using sticks to make a frame and filling the frame with leaves, seeds, berries, flowers, etc. Make smaller frames so that each child can design their own section of the carpet.

Get everyone to stand on the carpet and make up a story about flying off to discover an enchanted kingdom.

Alternatively, make a flying creature such as a giant butterfly. Lie down and become the creature’s body. Relax as you look up at the clouds and dream of flying away…

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