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Crop circles are pretty cool and part of the mystery is about who made them. But the other part is the intricate geometry involved and how someone could make them in a huge field in the pitch dark of night!

For a fun related children’s book and activities read my kids book The Case of the Cereal Artist and try making designs for a crop circle on a Geoboard.

Why should we invest our time on Geometry?

Well, Geometry is about the size, shape and positions of things in space. Therefore, it helps us better understand the world around us.

Cultivate aspiring artists to create intricate designs with geometric tools or a Spirotot.

The world is full of geometry and the most beautiful geometry is found in nature. If one looks closely, you will find it in patterns on leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, honeycombs, snowflakes, and the list goes on. Have a Geometric Scavenger Hunt!

It is also found in our homes, at the airports, at sports stadiums and athletic fields and many other architectural wonders in the world such as the pyramids. Teach children to identify shapes and the characteristics of each. For example., a rectangle has four sides but unlike the square it has two long sides and two short.

Extend the activity to identify, repeat and create patterns.

Try the leaf pattern worksheet in my BC collection or use nature items for an engaging hands-on experience.

Geometry can also help children develop spatial awareness. Check out my blog/MIND’S EYE for more free activities.

For more free worksheets, free activities and my children's book and activities check my blogs at

Children's Author: Zulebia Esmail

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