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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Visualizing the spatial relationships between shapes in our “mind’s eye” can boost our visual-spatial skills.

Use Tangrams, a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 shapes, to create complex shapes and hone these skills. The simplest way is to let kids create their own complex shapes.

However, traditionally tangrams are treated as puzzles. The player is shown a target shape and then asked to recreate that shape using the seven pieces.

Use patterns provided for free activities.

Tangram Patterns
Download PDF • 468KB

According to a recent study, mental rotation tasks boost mathematics ability too.

Ask children to stare at two shapes and question…How would they look if you stuck them together? Rotated them? Flipped them? Slid them around into different positions?

Spatial orientation is crucial for adapting to our environment and getting from one place to another. Reading maps and developing navigational skills is a great way to further nurture these abilities.

Photo by Jeshoots

My recommended story is an adaptation from a classic… Old MacDonald and the Seven Magic Shapes. Below please find the kids book.

Old MacDonald & The Seven Magic Shapes
Download PDF • 480KB

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Children's Author: Zulebia Esmail

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