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How diverse are your interactions?

Do you encourage your child to cultivate friendships with a broad group of people?

In the past I have had parents who refused to participate in certain celebrations due to their beliefs. I think that by educating ourselves about other cultures and traditions and becoming confident in our own identity, we can all come together and build pathways for tolerance, understanding and all kinds of competent and creative expression.

Early childhood is a time when prejudices are developed. Take the opportunity to provide direct experiences to build a spirit of acceptance and respect for all; regardless of origin, colour, religion, gender, or abilities.

For this Chinese New Year, Feb 1st 2022, why not have a dragon dance and eat Asian cuisine with chopsticks (Feb 6th National Chopsticks Day).

Or Try A Fear Factor Food Challenge Day!

One of the most beautiful festivals in the world is the Carnival of Venice. This year it is on Feb. 12th 2022. People in Venice wear masks and elaborate costumes to hide differences among the rich and poor. Have a masquerade gala with B-ALL room dancing.

Boys are often praised and encouraged to participate in sports like hockey and soccer. A boy who chooses ballet is a rarity. Similarly, a female construction worker or car mechanic is scarce.

Introduce co-curricular activities that are inclusive, such as yoga.

Pictures courtesy Indian yogi and Luemen Rutkowski at

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Children's Author: Zulebia Esmail

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