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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

History and culture provide us with important insights to build relationships and better understand the world we live in.

When I first saw the historical map of Stanley Park during my research, I was intrigued with the many indigenous villages found here. What was their life like?

Here is an illustration from my kids book.

Xwayxway, one of the largest settlements in the 1800’s, captivated my attention. It was over 3000 years old and the people were kind and giving.

And I quote George Vancouver;

…They conducted themselves with the greatest decorum and civility…gave cooked fish…

I immediately wanted to recognize the indigenous people who lived here and were an important part of shaping our Canadian history. I chose its name for my book because I felt it noteworthy and because I loved the play on words. Since it repeated itself, the main characters in my fictional book became two twin boys, Xway and Xway (pronounced Whoi, Whoi).

Click Here to watch a lovely video from the archives.

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