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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Baskets have been made for centuries for many reasons!

Back in East Africa, where I come from, baskets were made from strips of bark just like the one in my kids book, Xway Xway and the Giant Red Cedar. The Africans used it to carry fruits and vegetables to and from market and to hold supplies such as firewood. I brought one from there that makes a beautiful décor piece.

Fact: Israeli archeologists recently discovered a large basket dating back 10,500 Years. Specialists believe it could be the oldest in the world.

Easter and Mother’s Day are a perfect time for children to weave baskets to fill with Easter eggs or spring flowers. See below free activities:

Here are instructions on how to weave a basket.

Weaving is an art form which children enjoy and can lead to repeat entertainment. Thought can be put into the shape for the basket (e.g., a square empty berry basket), the materials to make it (e.g., construction paper or ribbons, etc.) and then creating the design.

Branch Weaving

Alternatively, try the following branch weaving activity for fun and as a décor piece.


Branch with at least three smaller offshoot branches

Coloured wool

Nature items such as long grass, feathers, corn husks, seed pods, etc.


Secure wool starting at top or bottom of branch.

Loop wool around smaller branches and continue wrapping wool moving up or down branches. This is the frame and is usually stretched lengthwise.

Weave grass and other nature items through this framework of wool strands.

Check out my favourite kids book.

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