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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The Western Red Cedar Tree, which in Canada is found only in British Columbia, has many special qualities. The indigenous people who lived in our coastal areas recognized its importance and special qualities and harvested it with care and respect.

The facts about the properties of the Western Red Cedar tree are highlighted in my book; Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar. For example; The wood is very unique, it is light and it does not rot. Therefore, it is perfect for making a canoe or a longhouse.

Children must understand the importance of managing and protecting such natural resources (Trees) as it is part of their future.

For example; Even after a tree dies, it continues to perform many important jobs. A dead tree is a great home for many insects and a den for some animals to raise their young. A dead tree also releases nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes thereby helping other plants to grow better.

One of my favourite books to go with this theme is Log Hotel by Anne Schreiber. This book relates about the community of plants and creatures that thrive within the forest.

Extend the activity with ear training like the video above or musical trees.

Game: Musical Trees

· First get children’s participation…Ask them why are trees important.

· Provide information…That we breathe in oxygen to live and oxygen comes from trees.

· Play game like musical chairs…The trees represent chairs. When the music stops, the child that does not have a chair is out; “Tree is dead”

Try "Planting trees" in tissue box, create tree rubbings or the fine motor activity suggested below.

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