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One of the most amazing things about nature is that it never stops. I urge you to explore imagination and nature with your children. The prospects are similarly endless. I found the first image on my walk near Oakville, Ontario. The second image, which somehow reminds me of E.T. with a long nose, I found near Como Lake Park in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Look for interesting shapes in tree trunks, branches, tree stumps or fallen logs. It’s amazing how many things you will find if you really look. Perhaps a knot in the bark might be an eye, a broken branch might be a snout or a curving branch might be the body of a snake.

Ask children to look carefully and they might find all sorts of weird and wonderful monsters lurking in the woods…Bring it to life!

Imagination is more important than knowledge,

for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,

while imagination embraces the entire world,

and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


Try this free activities…

Stick Shadow Story or Pictures

Can you conjure up shadows of magical creatures and scary

monsters with a few sticks and leaves?

Attach loose natural materials to a special stick with yarn,

elastic bands or tape. Become a Children's Author; Use your stick to tell a story.

How about …

Why didn’t the squirrel finish his nut? or…Who lost that feather

and why?

Or A Woodland Gallery

Try creating a natural art gallery in the woods for your friends to discover; it could be part of a magical trail or perhaps something for other people to add to.

Make mud balls round a stick and cover them with moss and other natural materials.

Make fairy houses and bug hotels.

Check out related free worksheets, children's books and activities on my previous blogs such as Nature Journal and my website

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