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In a recent interview on 60mins (A Life on our Planet: A Witness Statement), Sir David Attenborough talks about the importance of the natural world especially the trees, “We depend on the natural world for every lungful of air we breathe…If there were no trees around, we would suffocate!”

His statement is so profound and I'm truly grateful to Bellevue Elementary School Teacher, Alicia Rowe, for using my kids book Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar in her lesson plan.

Below is the Lesson Plan she shares with you all!

Some of the children drew pictures of the cedar while others wrote letters to representatives to advocate for old growth.

One of the 1st graders even came up with the idea to plant cedar trees to give and that we don't need to have a reason to do something good for the earth.

She said, “We partnered the book with learning about Fairy Creek old growth happening on Vancouver Island”. She continues, “We talked about the message of the book about giving more than you take and being responsible with resources.”

Seen here are some of the beautiful work done by the children:

Enjoy the Free Worksheets and Free Activities Created by Ms. Rowe:

Cherry Crest Garden Club_Lesson
Download PDF • 692KB

Download PDF • 305KB

Some of you who have read my kids book, Xway Xway and the Giant Red Cedar, know that my focus as a Children's Author is on mindfulness and my first kids book is specifically about trees.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the destruction of our planet and make responsible efforts to change.

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