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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

The native ancestors of this land tell of lessons we could learn from animals by observing each animal's strengths, instincts, reactions and special qualities. For example; Frogs live on land and water and teach us to be adaptable; Beavers work hard to build their dam and teach us to be purposeful; Raccoons get into everything and teach us to be curious; etc.,

Explore animals in nature with your family and then try the following kids activities.

Download • 630KB

Activity: Build and Match totems of your favourite animals.

What To Do:

* Draw animals whose qualities you admire (feel free to use any that I have provided).

* Make 2 copies (laminate for extended use).

* Cut out the pieces (i.e., separate each animal).

* Colour and stack a set, totem style.

* Ask children to match with the second set.

* Erase with wet cloth (if laminated) and re-use.

Click Below To Download the Sample Activity!

Totem-Animal Match Activity
Download PDF • 535KB

Check out my next post to know what animal I chose and why.

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