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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

“You are both grown now, and it is time for you to go on a Quest.”

Quest is defined as a journey made in search of something. In my book, Xway Xway and the Giant Red Cedar, two twin boys go on an adventure quest to seek knowledge that would help their people.

Above is the representation by @artist_tsamji to the quote in my book. She says it made her think about how it’s important for young adults to spread their wings. To her, the blue sun symbolizes a new change and the quest is, “meant to inspire change/growth in the individual.”

I believe that the search for information, skills, experiences and exploring new ideas should be a lifelong pursuit.

Adults of the very young are in a unique position to foster that curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm for learning as well as nurturing empathy, respect for others and greater social acuity through a positive, supportive environment reinforced by praise.

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