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Taking the opportunity to know your child can be an engaging and fun experience. It can be through observing them at play, doing everyday chores or using my kids books and activities to mark the benchmarks on my sample early development inventory.

Kids enjoy playing with cards!

Use the free set of salmon playing cards in my BC Collection to improve memory, expand knowledge and learn about your child’s power of concentration as well as other social emotional competency; like how they show interest and whether they are good at taking turns or if they get discouraged easily and whether they have challenges controlling emotions in acceptable ways.

Children and adults alike love trains, be it riding it or building and playing with a train track.

My Math Across the Prairies worksheet in the Prairies Collection, not only informs about the important resources in each of Canada's provinces (from the west coast to the east coast) but also gives an opportunity for adults to learn a child’s ability for one to one correspondence, recognizing number value, and counting.

Check blog, "All Aboard", for further program inspirations.

Many of the problem-solving skills such as matching, grouping and patterning skills can be assessed through concrete objects or try my Leaf Pattern activity sheet in the BC collection. Children will learn to match leaves and colour similar groups in the same colour as represented sample. They will then have to recognize and complete a repetitive pattern.

My kids book, Xway Xway and the Giant Red Cedar, further helps assess the use of language such as reasoning, projecting, predicting and imagining skills.

For more details on using my kids book, check my last blog, "Understanding Your Child Better."

The purpose of my early development inventory is to provide adults with information regarding their child’s progress. It is a broad skills checklist that pertain to ages 3 and up. Also, please note that each child will have an individual rate and level of development.

Inventory of Early Development

Early Development Inventory
Download PDF • 31KB

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