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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The systematic nurturing of imagination in our children benefits not only the artists and writers of tomorrow but the Chief Executive Officers and political leaders of our future. So how do we inspire this power in our children? Here is a simple activity using sticks found in nature.

Materials needed:

- A paper bag.

- Recycle paper & 1 thick paper (from old cards or construction paper) for the cover.

- A string or ribbon.

- Hole punch.

Children are eager to communicate when they are connected to the the subject matter. Provide a paper bag and ask children to find a special stick. It could be a straight stick, a crooked stock of even a moss covered stick.

Prompt the question, "It is not a stick, it is a..."

Ask them to draw it on the recycled paper and then attempt to write the word (or you can help write it). You can extend the activity by asking....and then what happened, who did he or she see, etc.

Help the children bind the paper bag with the stick and the rest of the papers with the tag line on the hard cover, "It is not a stick, it is a..."

And voila, you have your budding writer's first #NatureJournal!

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