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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

One of my pastimes is drawing. I call this drawing of mine Dervish in Nature because the twist of an orca whale when it leaps and turns out of the water, reminds me of the dervishes who twirl similarly…to free their soul and connect with love.

Note: If you really LOOK you will see the Dervish within the whale.

Hint: The wave is the Dervish's skirt and the "eye" of the whale is his taupi.

Expressive music and/or movement is a universal language that resonates with all. It not only provides an acceptable outlet to express feelings, emotions and relieves tension, but it also promotes mastery of self. Try some of the following activities…

Dancing in Paint; Develop artistic expression and a feel for rhythm

· Tape fabric or paper on floor

· Place tray of paint, a pan of water and a towel near the fabric

· Step onto paint and then dance to music

· Try different kinds of music such as classical, jazz or rock

· Wash and dry at the end of experience

Visual Music; Lines can show emotion, movement, and even music!

· Draw the outline of an instrument that calls to you

· Paint the lines of background music with expressive colors like bright colors for loud music or pastel colors for soothing music

· Use a marker to add details to the instrument

Seeing Sound; Sound travels in a wave

· Place popsicle sticks across the sticky side of tape and another length on top of the sticks

· Hold one end and ask a friend to hold the other end

· Tap the wooden stick with a finger and watch the “wave” move across

· Also try the attached experiment

Science - Seeing Sound
Download PDF • 1.46MB

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