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The bear that inspired the lovable Winnie the Pooh was owned by a Winnipeger.

Celebrate the day by breaking a Winnie the Pooh Pinata.

Bears figure prominently in stories as an enforcer who punishes disrespectful or improper behaviour but also humble and not bothering anyone who has done nothing wrong. To get the “Never my Fault” mentality out of children during conflict, try the following…Ask the child to give their side of the story but telling what they did wrong. This strategy is humbling and allows the child to see that she or he had some part in the problem.

Have a Teddy Bears Picnic or Tea party:

· Make different kinds of porridge: Blackberry and apple porridge; Banana almond cinnamon porridge; or Apple maple syrup and pecan porridge

· Have a nut and berry hunt or Berry Bean Toss activity. See attached Berry Fun Games for details.

Beary Fun Games
Download PDF • 1.12MB

There are only two places in North America where Canada’s 3 iconic bears; the grizzly, the black bear and the polar bear can be seen in the same place. One of those places is Northern Manitoba.

Take tours in Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world, to see this magnificent animal.

Can't travel to the prairies?

You can always solve the mystery of the crop circles with my second children’s book and activities which is based on the prairies.

Have fun with action silly dillies like...

The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see.

And all that he could see, was a goat in a boat...a skunk in a trunk...

Or try the polar bear art activity.

Creative-Polar Bear
Download PDF • 601KB

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Children's Author: Zulebia Esmail

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