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Since becoming an Early Childhood and Special Needs Educator, I have always wanted to write fun interactive kids books that not only expand knowledge to both adults and children but also send a mindful message. 


Xwáý, Xwáý and the Giant Red Cedar is the first of the series of books that I am writing.  Each book contains a lot of factual information pertaining to the place it is based on.

My name is Zulebia Esmail and I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  For over 30 years I owned and operated a Children’s Center for ages 30 months to 12 years.  During this time, my passion was to develop unique program plans that not only supported all areas of development but were also fresh and exciting. 


My premise has always been that learning is a life long process that does not only include academics that parents focus on but also original thinking and imagination.

Join Me On My Journey To Knowledge & Imagination.

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This a wonderful story for children of all ages with beautiful illustrations. My 2.5 year old son loved all of the animals. I hope that there are more stories to come from the author.  

Chelsea Virji,


Amazing kids books! Both my boys were so into it. The questions had my kids thinking and discussing. Really enjoy what your sharing with the world.

Chelsea Rosium,


Zulebia has written a wonderful, engaging adventure story for children of all ages. As your child gets involved in each stage of this adventure, they are learning to think about "actions and consequences" and about respecting our environment. I loved it and I know our grandchildren will too. Excited to read the next book!

Nancy Fowler


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