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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Nighttime does not have to be scary if we learn to see it as mysterious.

Many things are happening in nature while we are sleeping; Insects change into adults; many flowers open their petals and give off perfume to attract night pollinators like moths and fireflies; and many birds and animals go hunting for food.

The animals that are awake at night are called Nocturnal. Learn about some of the nocturnal animals that are found on the Canadian Prairies in my next kids book, the Case of the Cereal Artist. Also, the children's books and activities will be available on May 24th, 2021 on my website.

A favourite book of mine on the related theme is Raccoon Tune by Nancy Shaw.

The rhyming verses and lively illustrations of the precocious raccoons in their night outing will make young readers laugh.

Learn the difference between a Hedgehog and a Porcupine through the following fine motor activity. Both are nocturnal but Porcupines are larger in size than the hedgehog and their quills are long and sharp.

See below free activities:

Playdough Porcupine

· Form a large lump of brown playdough into shape (egg shape), flattening the bottom

· Roll black dough for eyes and nose and press it to the above porcupine shape

· Add toothpicks on the body for quills

Playdough Hedgehog

· Roll a smaller sized ball of brown playdough and flatten the bottom

· Add tiny black playdough eyes and nose

· Make dull quills by snipping with scissors on the body

Another fun activity is to make nocturnal animals with things from nature like this leaf owl. The best part is that after you finish you can take a picture for memory and then leave the things you used from nature in nature.

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