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New Book Release

Since becoming an Early Childhood and Special Needs Educator, I have always wanted to write fun interactive books that not only expand knowledge to both adults and children but also send a mindful message.

Xway, Way and the Giant Red Cedar is the first of a series of books that I am writing. Each book contains a lot of factual information pertaining to the place it is based on. Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar is an engaging adventure story that teaches children the importance of taking care of the environment and being true to their word.

Young children absorb information like sponges and they also love adult attention. Exploring the authentic illustrations in Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar allows for dialogue between adult and child.

Accompanying questions included in the story, help adults assess the child's language ability including vocabulary, predicting and problem-solving skills, projecting into feeling and thinking of others, memory, imagination, comprehension and logical reasoning skills.

The Western Red Cedar tree, which in Canada is found only in British Columbia has many special qualities. Children must understand the importance of managing and protecting such natural resources as it is part of their future. Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar shares its potential uses.

I live in Vancouver, BC and enjoy taking walks in Stanley Park which was once the site of an actual indigenous village called Xwayxway (pronounced Whoi whoi) that inspired my story.

Knowledge, understanding and dialogue helps children learn to respect people, different cultures and animals in nature.

Xway, Xway and the Giant Red Cedar is rich in lessons learned by the native ancestors of this land. Families will also get hooked on the humanness characters of the animals in the book. Supporting worksheets, activities and games provide further things to do and places to visit in British Columbia as a family.

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