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Do you have a phobia or fear of something?

Mine is to be in dark spaces by myself!

I understand that the best way to deal with many feelings such as my fear of the dark is to first acknowledge it, then discuss or think about what I actually fear about it, and lastly get more information and ways to cope with it.

Many children, like myself, have a fear of the dark. Some are afraid of monsters under the bed. I know there are no monsters and yet my fear is very real to me. Trying to make fun associations with the dark helps my anxiety.

Empower your child to fight their fear of the dark with the following Children's Book and Activities:

Haunted House

Play helps children to safely act out their fears and master the ways of the adult world. As a teacher and children’s author, one of my suggestions for such an opportunity is to build a dark spooky haunted house with the children.

(Note: you will need a big cardboard box from a furniture or appliance store, black paint and paraphernalia from the loonie store such as play spiders and webs.)

Shadow Play

A kid's imagination can start playing tricks when the lights go out. Often a particular shadow in their room scares them. Teach your child to have fun with shadows by showing them how to manipulate their hands to look like different things on the wall.

Treasure Hunt

Celebrate the dark!

Have a treasure hunt for glow-in -the dark-objects.

Hunt for creepy crawlies like spiders or fireflies in the backyard.

Indulge in a nighttime snack.

The Case Of The Cereal Artist

Read kids’ books like my nocturnal animals’ thriller, "The Case of the Cereal Artist" and check out my blog post called ONCE UPON A NIGHT for other suggested free activities.

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